Annihilate all risks by conducting a free express search of your brand name within 1 hour

Are you totally sure that your brand name is not possessed by another company?
The features of fulfilling the search in our company:
• It is conducted by a lawyer
• You will receive a convenient report
• We provide advice on how to improve a brand name for successful registration
• The result is provided in 1 hour
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The accurate information with no delaying

How to conduct a search online?

You can check your brand name and get the answer right here, on this page. We strongly recommend you to use the online search only for the provisional analysis of your brand name. If you set out to file a trademark application via our patent agency, it is better to let our attorneys fulfill the search.


The convenient report, the recommendations, and an expert consultation

The Accurate Result

– A search throughout RUPTO bases is fulfilled by a lawyer. His experience is above 10 years.
– The manual search is much more accurate compared to the automatic one.
– During a trademark search, we will figure out if the brand name has been taken
– A trademark is supposed to be not similar to other trademarks, region names, company or enterprise names.

ICGS classes selection

A lawyer and a trademark attorney are willing to select a relevant list of ICGS classes for you

The consultation

Once the report has been sent, you will be able to talk to the lawyer about the details. It is a way how to save your time.

The clear report, the recommendations

– The clear and well-organized report will be provided for you. Therefore, it will be very convenient for you to discuss the report and its details with the colleagues.
– Along with the report, the recommendations for improving a brand name also will be sent to you in case if there have been any risks.


To search a brand name throughout RUPTO bases and to receive the accurate result without the assistance of a skillful trademark attorney is pretty much impossible. Here are the five reasons below. Would you like to challenge yourself? Try to pass the test.

Narrow field of the search

Basically, online bases cover RUPTO bases only partially.

Only a human being is able to figure out if a brand name critically similar to another one

– Critical similarity is a complex notion. Spelling similarity is just one of the criteria, but it is not always a crucial one.
– Artificial intelligence is not able to analyze the other criteria, including a semantic aspect, an area of activity, etc.

Unprotected and «weak» element

– If we do not consider the mentioned above elements, the variations of outcomes can be considerably different. For example, the inquiries «Studio Rose» and «Rose» will be corresponded to the different results, although the word «Studio» has no sense since it just points to the feature of a service. Therefore, both the inquiries «Studio Rose» and «Rose» are completely the same. Unprotected and «weak» elements of a trademark depend on an area of activity.
– Please note, there is no unified list of unprotected and «weak» elements. As a consequence, a lawyer has to identify those elements in each specific case.

ICGS classes

– 80% of clients have no idea what are ICGS classes
– On top of that, there have been homogeneous and corresponding classes

Critical grounds for refusal

– The critical grounds represented by quite broad terms mentioned in the Russian civil code. For example, amid them is «contradiction to moral principles». Needless to say, only a qualified lawyer is able to interpret those terms properly, with the consideration of legal and practice features.
– If article 1483 of the Russian civil code is not considered, the obtained result of a trademark search will make no sense.


If you use a mark in order to identify your good or service but still do not register it

For an Entrepreneur

1. The search of a name for a business.
2. The search a name for a brand-new product.
3. Reviewing a company name before registration.
4. Launching a franchise
5. Subsequent placing goods on marketplaces (Wildberries, Ozon, etc.).

For a marketing agency

1. A name selection for a client (naming);
2. A logo design for a client.

For importers

To import goods into the Russian Federation


The loss of loyal clients and reputation. A compensation payment

Let’s imagine that you, for a long time, sell goods branded by a name which is not registered as a trademark. Then, all of a sudden, you have been sued, and the claimant demands the court to force you to pay compensation for the violating of his IP rights. Unfortunately, nobody is able to prevent those occasions. For example, many distinguished companies (such as Apple) have been charged for violating IP rights.

Money loss

We concern here the money that you have already spent on the promotion of your brand, which is considered to be a crucial channel of communication between you and a client.

A compensation payment

The amount of it can vary from 10 000 up to 5 000 000 rubles.

Client loss

There will be spent plenty of efforts in order to attract new clients to a new brand.


There have been several options intended for different purposes

The comprehensive search
9740Ultimate reviewing before filing to the RUPTO
  • –––––––––
  • Both RUPTO registered trademarks and pending applications bases
  • –––––––––
  • Company name bases
  • –––––––––
  • Enterprises name bases
  • –––––––––
  • A comprehensive search report
  • –––––––––
  • Consultations and recommendations concerning the report
  • –––––––––


All you need to do is to send us a request


Subsequently, you will receive a thorough and convenient response including the conclusion of a trademark attorney. It will be sent to you via e-mail in 1 hour.

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